Special Event Station SX338M by Radio Amateur Association of Western Peloponnese. Active 1-31 December 22 on all HF bands


Andravida Air Force Base  –  117 Combat Wing / 338 Squadron

We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of 338 Squadron (1952 – 2022)

Special Event Station 1-31 December 2022 on all  HF bands

Managers :  SV3GKU   SV3QUB

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338 Squadron


Ares, the Greek god of War, holding a bomb
Call Sign: ARES (Mars)


117 Combat Wing – Andravida Air Base



Aircraft served

F-84G Thunderjet

F-84F Thunderstreak 

Aircraft serving

  • F-4E Phantom II


The mission of 338 Squadron is to maintain a high level of readiness and effectiveness. It is achieved by the appropriate organization, training of personnel and maintenance of the available means and systems. Furthermore, it is to undertake and successfully execute air operations at any given time.


The 338 Squadron was formed on December 24th, 1952, at Elefsis Air Base, as 338 Fighter Bomber Squadron, equipped with the F-84G Thunderjet aircraft.

In April 1953, the Squadron was deployed to Larissa where it stayed till November 1956, and thereafter was redeployed to the 112 Combat Wing.

In May 1958 it was incorporated into the 115 Combat Wing at Souda Air Base till January 1960, when it was disbanded. It was formed again in August 1964 equipped with F-84F Thunderstreak aircraft.

In June 1974 the Squadron redeployed at 117 Combat Wing in Andravida Air Base, where the F-4E Phantom II were delivered.

In March 1975 the Squadron was fully operational.

In 1981, the mobile training team of the US Air Force (USAF), participated in the new squadron’s training tactics. There was an exchange of F-4E aircraft of 338 Squadron with those of 337 Squadron of 110 Combat Wing in the same year.

On 5th of August, 1991, the squadron replaced the old aircraft with upgraded version of F-4E coming from US stocks, the F-4E Southeastern Regional Agreement (SRA), their operational use beginning on 12th October of the same year.

At the end of 1997, after 23 years of service, HAF decided to upgrade the aircraft purchased under the programs Peace Icarus I and Peace Icarus II.

On December 18th, 2002, the delivery ceremony of the first upgraded aircraft was held in the Hellenic Aviation Industry facilities, and so began the integration of the upgraded aircraft in 117 Combat Wing. These aircrafts were delivered to 338 and 339 Squadron. After the modernization, the Squadron assumed fighter bomber missions, with results comparable to those of third generation aircraft.

In 2004, 338 Squadron participated for the first time in the Tactical Leadership Program in Belgium.

Ἤ Τάν Ἤ Ἐπί Τᾶς

Famous Spartan quote  : “come back either carrying that shield (it is debated whether “that shield” refers to the warrior’s own shield or the enemy’s shield) or YOU to be carried on them”, “Them” ‘ here plural, being the shields, and meaning is to be carried on them = as in a dead body that gets carried back lying as a corpse on the shields