Our Club

March 1997. SV3AQP, SV3BSF and SV3CYH had an idea so they invited many of the amateurs from the area of Patras in a meeting that took place in a cafe near the University (TEI). They all agreed in the need of a club existance that would gather all the radio amateurs of the area everybody that would like radio amateurism, under a "home". They decided to get start with the precedures and so our club came to life.

The founder members that were present in this first meeting were:SV3YY, SV3AXS, SV3AQN, SV3ALB, SV3EAS, SV3CYH, SV3DQA, SV3EAT, SV3DVW, SV3EAV, SV3EAR, SV3CYL, SV3BUK, SV3CYO, SV3BUO, SV3CGZ, SV3EAO, SV3DVK, SV3DVO, SV3CGT, SV3EAQ, SV1CDN/3, SV3EAP, SV3BSF, SV3CYG, SV3ARF, SV8DCX, SV3AQQ, SV3AQP, SV3ALC, SV3BUM, SV3BUN, SV3AQT. The first temporary board that came out of this meeting were SV3BSF, SV3AQN, SV3CYL, SV1CDN/3, SV3BUO, SV3CGZ, SV3CYH

The memorandum of our association was validated by our town's Court in 19-6-1997, and our club was named Radio Amateur Association of West Peloponese. First elections took place in 1-10-1997.

Our address is

25 Martiou 104
3rd floor
26225 Patras

Locator: KM08VF   CQ Zone: 20   ITU Zone: 28